I highly recommend “There’s no Place Like Home” for any sorting or organizing project you might have for your home or office. They do not pressure you for immediate decisions on everything and you do not have to part with anything if you don’t want to. The “sort” involves separate piles for “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, “recycle” and “garbage”. Their focus is getting your space organized and de-cluttered, not necessarily empty. The sorted piles are then returned to your space in an organized manner for handling at your convenience, except for the “recycle” and “garbage” ones. If you do not have a vehicle for disposal, they will provide the rental of one for you.

I was a little apprehensive about my garage project since my husband and I had always found it too overwhelming whenever we tried to do it ourselves. The project was undertaken in a very efficient and professional manner. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and do not hesitate to recommend their service.

Linda McCaig
Coquitlam, BC

We were very fortunate to have Kristi cleaning and organizing our home for several years. I have not had anyone better at what she does either before or since. Kristi sees what needs to be done and completes those tasks efficiently and effectively. Her observation skills would sometimes lead her to respectfully suggest areas that needed attention beyond the usual routine. Kristi has an innate sense of order and has now completed a professional course of study to launch her business. I would recommend Kristi to anyone needing assistance in making a home, office or business more functional.
I also wish Kristi success in her new adventure.

M. Martin
Kamloops, BC

Kristi was an invaluable help to us as a couple. Her expertise and efficiency in managing our housekeeping needs was superior.

Kristi was also very enthusiastic at tackling the project of combining two separate households into one. She has a keen sense of design and vision with it comes to creating spaces.

Patricia Kitchener
Kamloops, BC

Wow anyone would be so lucky to have Kristi organizing and decluttering their life! I have used her expertise in the past when she worked as a housekeeper for me. Kristi was extremely organized and proficient with her business. I appreciated her efficient use of my and her time and the professionalism that came with her service. Her suggestions were always appreciated and “spot-on”. She was also so extremely insistent that she charged her services to the minute and never upcharged her bill. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others and wish her well in her new endeavour.

E. P.
Kamloops, BC

I have known Kristi Martin on a business and personal level for over 10 years. She is very professional when it comes to business. She helped me with getting my house organized and clean. She showed me how to keep things organized and clean.

When my husband and I built our dream home she helped me decorate and set up my furniture in an unconventional way. In my great room I have a fire place and a large picture window. Instead of putting the couch there. She recommended making that my dining room. At first I couldn’t see how that would work. When we moved the furniture around it was perfect. I loved it.

From my experience working with Kristi, I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for great organization and design from a different or conventional perspective.

Roberta Regnier
Kamloops, BC

If you’re looking for someone that really takes pride in their work look no further than Kristi Martin. She has been cleaning and organizing my place for the last 10 – 12 years. I really enjoyed coming home after she has spent some time there. The place is always sparkling clean and well organized. I would recommend her to anybody looking for that type of service

Gino Masi
Kamloops, BC